BEEP is free for all users up to 50 products.

However, you must upgrade your service to BEEP Premium if you want to manage more than 50 products. BEEP Premium provides more reliable and suitable service for enterprise users.

If you need to manage more than 10 groups at the same time, please contact us. If you contact us through BEEP Premium Enterprise Service, we offer you a payment discount.

Benefits of BEEP Premium

  • You can add unlimited number of products.

  • Your will not be exposed to any ads and notifications to your messages.

  • You have access to quick support.

BEEP Premium Pricing

  • Premium 1 month (31 days): USD $7.99

  • Premium 3 months (93 days): USD $20.99 (about $6.99 per month)

  • Premium 6 months (186 days): USD $35.99 (about $5.99 per month)

  • Premium 12 months (365 days): USD $59.99 (about $4.99 per month)

    If you make a monthly payment, you can use it up to 31 days from the payment date. If you paid for a month extension twice, 62 days will be extended.

Please be aware that for in-app purchases, the price may vary depending on your residing country.

How to use Beep Premium

  • Android

    1. Select the top left menu

    2. Select Settings from the left menu

    3. Select premium for payment information in the setup screen

    4. Process payment on payment screen

  • iPhone

    1. Select Settings from the bottom tab menu

    2. Select Premium for payment information in the setup screen

    3. Process payment on the payment screen

BEEP Premium Enterprise Service

  • If more than 10 groups payments are required

  • If business or corporate payment is required

Request for Enterprise Customer


Will I get billed automatically after the 30-days free trial?

Once the trial is over, the premium plan will be canceled automatically and no charge will be made.

Do all members have to pay?

BEEP subscription payment is required by the group, so as long as one of the members pays, the whole group can use BEEP premium.

Where can I find my purchase history?

You can check the payment date, period of service by clicking [Settings] → [Payment History] .

What happens if I don't make the premium payment by the end of the grace period?

You can not register any additional products when the period is over. However, you can continue to get notifications for the registered products. All services will be activated as soon as you make the payment.

The current subscription period will end soon. What happens if I make a monthly payment?

If you have three days left until the end of the subscription period, please proceed with the monthly payment. Then, you can use BEEP for 34 days. All payments are determined based on the number of remaining days until the subscription period ends.

BEEP Premium end date is approaching, how do I extend it?

The BEEP payment should be made through the PlayStore or App Store. You can automatically extend the service if payment is processed within the BEEP app.

The payment has been completed, but I can not add any products. What should I do?

Please contact the customer service center below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

What is the refund policy for BEEP premium?

We do not have the right to change the payment information of members using in-app payment. Therefore the refund is in accordance with Google and Apple's refund policy.

  • Android Users : Contact Google Play Customer Center or BEEP Customer Center

  • iPhone users : Contact Apple Customer Service.

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