Getting Started


Beep is available on iOS and Android. Simply download and install the app.


Sign-up is not required. You can log in using 3 ways below.

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • KakaoTalk


Change the group name

By default, the group name is set as 'Default Group.' We recommend that you rename the group so you can identify / distinguish each store.

  • [Top left menu] → [Settings] → [Group Name] → [Change Group Name]

Personal setting

Your profile (name and picture) will be copied from your login account. If needed, change the name and picture.

Edit or add a category

By default, the category folder is named as 'Uncategorized.' You can add and edit your own categories as needed.

  • [Top left menu] → [Add or Edit Category]

Adding a Product

To add a product, scan the barcode with your smartphone camera. When you scan, the barcode information (image and product name) will be copied automatically. You can also add a product by entering the barcode number directly. If the product you manage does not have a barcode, you can add it by uploading the picture.

Scanning barcodes

  • Point the barcode to the camera screen. A 'beep' scan will signal that the app has detected and scanned the product.

  • If you enter the barcode number yourself, select MANUAL and type in the number.

  • To add a product through the picture, select Add without barcode and take a picture of the product.

Enter expiration date

  • Enter the expiration date of your product.

  • If you don't have a product name and picture, enter it yourself.

  • Select the category.

  • Make a note. This note will be printed in the barcode number area from the product list. If you leave it blank, only barcode number will be printed.

Set up a notification

Added items will be notified before the expiration date. Notification dates can be changed. You can set up the date 365 days in advance. You can also set up the alert by each category.

On Android:

  • [Top left menu] → [Add or Edit Category] → [Select Category] → [Edit notification date]

    • Schedule the date you want to receive a notification message based on the product's expiration date.

    • All members of your group will get a notification message accordingly.

A notification can be set up by each employee. Once the employees set up their own shift, a notification message will be sent during their respective shifts.

  • [Top left menu] → [Settings] → [Expiry Date Notification] → [Time Setting]

    • Set up the time you would like to get a notification.

    • You may receive a max of 24 notifications per day.

On iPhone:

  • [Settings] → [Expiry Date Notification] → [Allow Notifications]

Set up group member

BEEP can manage the product's expiration date with multiple people. You can also grant permissions to each member.

Invite a group member

  • Click on the upper right [Invite] or

  • [Top left menu] → [Settings] → [Member] → [Top right 'Invite']

  • Invite Members

    • To share invitation links : Invite by messenger, email, text, etc.

    • To invite someone from your mobile phone's contacts : Invite friends from your address book.

To grant permissions to your group members

An authorized group member can assign permissions to each member. The initial member of the group has administrator privileges.

  • [Top left menu] → [Settings] → [Member] → [Select Member]

    • Admin : Has full access.

    • Member : Manage products and categories.

    • Viewer : Can only add products.

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