BEEP provides a service that you can conveniently manage product's expiration date. With your smartphone you can utilize this app at any places such as convenience stores, marts, department stores, restaurants, and mid-distribute sites. BEEP will constantly alert you on upcoming expired products.

BEEP Key features

Simply register your products

Once you scan the barcode of your product, the product information (image, product name) will be automatically uploaded into the system. Then, all you need to do is to enter the product expiration date. If you do not have the product information, please enter it once. The Product information will be automatically saved for the next time.

Team play

Invite your colleague to join your team. With them, you can more easily and effectively manage your product's expiration date as a team.

Notify a product is about to expired

BEEP will notify you with a push message when the registered product is close to expired. You can set up your own time to get a push message.

Manage by category

Manage the expiration date by category. You can customized to set up the notification date based on the each categories.

Search feature

You can quickly search for registered products through barcode scanning to quickly view expiration dates.

Secure data storage

All data is kept reliably on the server. Even if you clear the app and install it again, all your data is safe.
Last modified 5yr ago