Can I download the product list in an Excel file?

Go to Setting > Export to Excel and export your list of products in an Excel file.
If you have exported your file in a CSV format, you can convert it from the below website.

Can I upload my products in an Excel file?

By sending us your file and your exact group name, we will upload your file to your group.
When sending your spreadsheet, please make sure the category, barcode, product name, expiry date are accurate.

Does the expiry date automatically be inserted when I scan the barcode?

Because barcodes do not hold any expiration date information, you must manually input it.

Does BEEP support API integration?

Please send us the type of integration you are looking for to [email protected] and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I change the app language?

Because the BEEP app language is based on your device language, please change from the device settings first.

What do I do when a message appears that barcode scanning is unavailable?

The barcode scan will be activated by downloading the barcode scanning module. Please check your internet connection and try again.

Is there a notification setting?

You can set up the date to get notifications by going to Category > Setting.

Can I input the quantity for each product?

For now, adding quantity is unavailable as barcodes do not hold any expiry date data. We recommend adding quantity to the memo when registering the product.
If you wish to accurately track the product quantity, please check out BGPworks' other service, BoxHero.