Please refer to the frequently asked questions below.

Is the expiry date automatically inserted when I scan the barcode?

Because barcodes do not hold any expiration date information, you must manually input it.

Can I change the app language?

Because the BEEP app language is based on your device language, please change from the device settings first.

Can I input the quantity for each product?

We recommend adding quantity to the memo when registering the product.

If you wish to accurately track the product quantity, please check out BGPworks' other service, BoxHero.

🔗 Simple, convenient inventory solution, BoxHero

How do I delete my group?

You can delete your group by going to Settings and deleting yourself after all other members have been deleted.

How do I delete my account?

Please go to Settings > click the button on the top-right corner > Delete Account.

If you can't find your questions from the FAQ, please direct them to support+beep@bgpworks.com.

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